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Wendy Lucas i l*ve u


Smooth vibes and a vintage vinyl crackle introduce this trip-hop soaked, soul-pop single from artist and songwriter Wendy Lucas.

Continuing to blend styles throughout, the track introduces itself as one thing, and goes on to become something else more than a few times over.

This jazz-cafe-esque introduction, with its mellow beat and flickers of guitar, sets a laid-back mood that’s easy to escape into. Then we get the first hit of a vocal, a little folk-pop-like in melody and lyricism – particularly the do do do doohs. Later though, just as you think you know the groove and where this is going, the whole thing evolves into passionate RnB territory.

Wendy’s voice meanders through these changing sentiments in a faultless, increasingly impressive way, and furthermore – she consistently reflects, with clear authenticity, the emotional implications of each new line of the story.

By the end, i l*ve you has made itself known as an indie pop anthem fit for the contemporary summertime. Long-form bars make up the latter half, laying bare more detail and intimacy, longing, and then we get the simple familiarity of the soundscape, and the satisfying resolve of the hook, to round things off nicely.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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