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Wembi This Is Who We Are (Feat. Pete “Afro D” Shungu on Trumpet)


An ever-thoughtful Wembi collaborates with Pete “Afro D” Shungu for this heartfelt ode to those who’ve spent the past year on the front-lines – fighting injustice as much so as disease.

From the outset, there’s a certain emotion and brightness united to the progression of the piano, the strings, the rhythm and even the accompanying visuals. It’s heartbreak intertwined with unity, with clear humanity and deep-running values at its core.

An instrumental composition, This Is Who We Are encapsulates a particular energy, and tells the story of strength and perseverance from across the past twelve months. Throughout its classic time-span, the single presents a clear sense of possibility, beginning with rocky roads but progressing into notably more hopeful resolves that leave a sense of warmth and possibility.

From a compositional perspective, This Is Who We Are proves a fairly nostalgic, organic arrangement, with a quick level of familiarity that’s easy to recognize the second time around. The chord movement keeps things simple, the solo melodies meander amidst this – effectively taking the story through its various stages.

Even without the visuals, the song fills the room with a certain brightness and calm. Add in the visual accompaniments that include plenty from the ups and downs of a tumultuous 2020, and the journey is all the more complete, compelling, and beautiful.

Download the single via Apple. Check out our in-depth interview with Wembi for more information. Find & follow Wembi on Facebook & Twitter or visit his Website.

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