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Weezy.records Fearless


Featuring smooth and expressive vocals alongside a melodic, uniquely simple yet enveloping soundscape, Weezy-records keeps things catchy and heartfelt, with the poetic and contemplative Fearless.

Setting the mood from the outset, Fearless introduces an easy yet effective production style – blending just a few minimalist layers of synth, rhythm and bass, to back up a rise and fall vocal verse that’s hypnotic and smart.

Within the first few seconds of pressing play, the track connects and makes itself recognizable – not through quirks or volume, but purely through how clean and engaging the arrangement and vocal delivery are.

Noting 60,000 streams and counting on Spotify alone, Fearless kicks in for just two minutes and twenty-seven seconds, making fine use of that time-frame with a slick combination of strong riffs, sharp bars and an immersive overall ambiance.

Factor in a quickly expanding audience over on social media, and there’s no doubt plenty more impressive music in the pipeline for Weezy.records – worth tuning in for.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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