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wbseamus Run


Dreamy electro-pop and clear purpose unite with summer-dance vibes and emotive building blocks throughout an uplifting, inspiring and beautifully crafted Run.

wbseamus drives with precision, skill and passion united as the breathy and intimate vocals of Run meet with dashes of colour, synth and rhythm throughout the four minutes of blissful positivity that is Run.

Immediately likeable for its ability to meet the personal connection of the voice and lyrics with a clearly electronic backdrop, Run soon evolves towards greatness as the concept and indeed the music resolve and connect on a much more immersive and euphoric level.

The hook idea is to slow down, ‘don’t run’ resounds, and this, combined with the absolute energy and comfort of the resulting soundscape, quickly prompts a sense of presence, oneness, and appreciation for the current moment. ‘Just breathe’ seems simple in essence, and it is – but often we forget.

Gorgeous, a somewhat timeless dance-pop offering, stylistically familiar but emotively performed and ultimately created from a place of genuine heart. Listen loud for the full effect.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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