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Wayne Sharkey We’re Not Free


Softly combining the gorgeous organic tones of strings, guitar and banjo in a traditional folk manner, Wayne Sharkey’s poetic songwriting and depth of tone shine beautifully on his new single We’re Not Free.

Featuring a calming yet somewhat melancholic soundscape, presented in a fairly raw setting that begs for you to witness it in a live setting, the single leads with short lines and references that are notably familiar yet pave the way well regardless to the ultimate resolve of that hook.

All of these ideas relate to freedom, thoughts of what it means to be truly free. As the melody heightens later on, the term changes from We’re Not Free, to the more hopeful When You’re Free, and this progression is beautifully striking in its artistic rise up from mellow to bright.

There are more than a few traditional elements to this song, but at the same time, Wayne Sharkey has something uniquely alternative about his sound. This shift from the lower notes to the higher is particularly interesting, and lays bare a subtly passionate approach to writing and performance. Hopefully there’s plenty more music to come.

Download the single via Bandcamp. Find & follow Wayne Sharkey on Facebook & Instagram.

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