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Way-Z Together (Feat. Trace The Kid)


Offering up a brilliant sense of togetherness, Way-Z and Trace The Kid collaborate on this single to give listeners a heartfelt and refreshingly optimistic piece of music and writing that inspires and energizes in the same quick swoop.

Together is everything the title promises and more, building around you an immediately emotional and captivating soundscape – spacious and epic, soulful and intense in a subtle, intriguing way. Following this, the vocal parts each add something real to the process – a layer of humanity, presented in both cases by means of some deeply thoughtful, observational and reflective lyrics. As the intensity builds, that leading riff descends and drives the ideas home, and meanwhile you feel deep in thought yourself yet also incomparably connected to the artists at the centre of the experience.

When a performer lays bare their soul in such a way, it’s close to impossible not to feel something. In this case, there’s confidence and style intertwined with considerate and intelligent rap craft-work. The whole thing holds close to your affection right the way through, and furthermore – this feels like a breakthrough track, a meaningful moment of oneness; the sort that is genuinely invaluable in hip hop and in mainstream pop right now.

Within this era, a time in which our population is more dense than ever, it’s easier and more common for people to find reasons to divide and separate. There are more than enough voices that speak out in favour of that. Music and art that fights against this division though, that celebrates oneness and a shared experience of the world, is always of worth, and will always have a place within our society. Music in general is the thing we turn to for inspiration, for energy and motivation; for escapism. The more positivity that can be inherently connected to that, the better.

Way-Z and Trace The Kid seem to be on the very same wavelength throughout this release, and it sounds beautiful – hopeful, colourful, good hearted. A pleasure to listen to and indeed write about. The realness is unmissable, though the power of the music and the rhythm of the vocal flow throughout help keep the calming element alive as you listen – as you ponder these ideas and references in relation to your own life. Well worth exploring.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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