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Wark Tidal Wave


Fresh from the brand new EP Santa Monica, artist and songwriter Wark offers up a classic indie-rock aura and some thoughtful songwriting for his single and animated video Tidal Wave.

Effectively bridging the gap between pop-rock and lo-fi, almost shoe-gaze-like tones, the single rains down with organic purity, engaging rhythms, and crisp, clean nostalgia.

This is one of those releases that emerges with a sort of timeless level of colour. Whenever it reappears, it seems a little more likable and addictive. Those guitar riffs are quickly memorable, the rise and fall of the melody is entrancing, the raw drum-line keeps things real. Then you get the distant vocal, just gritty enough to portray a sense of truth and emotion, and this contrasts well with the upfront energy and movement of the soundscape.

By the time the hook hits, the mild obscurity of the shoe-gaze genre is overcome by a notably anthem-like moment of vibrancy and togetherness. You wait for this moment with keen anticipation, and the use of contrast lets it genuinely hit with impact. A live performance is undoubtedly where the whole thing would really come alive.

Absolutely worth a few spins this season and beyond. Listen loud.

Visit the Wark Website for more information.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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