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War Twins American Kids


War Twins combines the eclectic talents of Gaetana and James Grey, singer/songwriter and drummer/producer respectively. The duo recently released their new single American Kids on Spotify (my musical surfing platform of choice), and I’ll warn all listeners: be prepared for your ears to catch a worm.

The initial vocals in the mix will have you hooked as Gaetana sings, “Woo hoo”, certain to have you reiterating the melody long after the song ends. “American kids don’t know what it is, don’t know what it is,” repeats as the intro and dominating chorus line, nestled amongst hazy guitar licks and solid drum hits while the fuzzed out bass drives everything from under.

The voice takes on second person narration, directly addressing the audience (likely a market of young Americans as predicted by current statistics of listeners to new American bands) to increase potential identification with the artwork as a whole. The lyrics spearhead the trivialities increasingly fixated on by the youth of American culture, taking deeper stabs with each consecutive verse. The first verse starts with an emotionally charged facial image of the metaphorical ‘you’ who will “scowl at the government” while buying “fashion on the Internet”, immediately showcasing a deeper issue of hating the system while still participating in it. The accusations become more embittered in the second verse (“Using big fat fancy words, point fingers out at all the herds of people you know nothing about”) and darker still in the bridge (“Need to be out living large while people in your backyard starve”).

The lyrics dance in between a tone of commentary and criticism, all drenched in disappointment. War Twins appear to challenge their listeners in poetic fashion to stop consuming “experience from cell phone screens and TV sets” and to start experiencing moments in real time, perhaps in the eternal present provided by their own live show.

The pair have been praised for their passion-fueled and mystically soulful set of industrial alternative mixed with electronic indie rock. You can catch them touring around the south this July, starting in Columbus, Georgia (rather close to my birth place of good ol’ Statesboro Georgia, cue the Allman Brothers Statesboro Blues) and making their way to my current stomping ground of West Hollywood. The band performs at the historically infamous Viper Room (RIP River Phoenix) on Saturday July 28. I’ll be at that show so find me in the crowd for a shared drink, a shared dance, and a shared moment cheering to the poetic poignancy of War Twins.

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Born in Statesboro, Georgia before moving to Athens, Georgia for university. Moved to Los Angeles after graduation & life has been four strings of adventure ever since (bass joke). Plays bass in alt/indie rock group Dawne & likes to write about music tracks in her free time. Gangster essayist Walter Pater once said, "All art constantly aspires towards the condition of music." Such insight certainly reflects Alyssa's ongoing artistic journey & perhaps yours as well.

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