Sierra is a song to dance to in the dark, and one could have as much fun head banging alone in the living room as out at the concert hall flouncing with friends.


The song takes a nuanced approach to love, covering the addictive-like tendency of constantly needing the attention of one specific person – a person that has immense power to create pleasure & proportionate pain.


The entire anthem provides this elusive feeling of being on the edge, straddling these animalistic urges inherent to being alive, alongside the celestial steadiness of song. Music, especially the raw, groovy rock of DPS, taps into the chaos of emotion.


Following the beauty and style of their earlier single Flipside, The Keymakers return this year with a smooth step in a bright new direction, and things look set to keep on rising higher for the duo. The Keymakers, comprised of brothers Rederic and Rome Alexander, are Burning Me Up with their latest single. The track starts … Continued


The performance feels like a race down a highway, almost like Race to Neptune know they have the listener by the ears & can take you past your comfort zone. Abandon fashion, forget reservations & dance to this amazing EP while your brain races to the stars.


The synth-driven melody glides through shimmering snares & cymbals to create a lucid, poly-rhythmic path of movement – a sequence that compels one to dance. It’s as if the song leaves you wandering around in the dark parts of your mind.

EDMElectronic Rock

Flawlessly produced, You by OCNS fades in & dissolves out like pages in an incredible epic, as if one is opening a book to an amazing page-turner that requires no page turning, just elegant listening.

PopSoft Rock