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Wallo Wealthy Angels & Demons EP


Stylish production and a strong use of melody overcome the distant, quiet nature of the vocals that lead the way throughout this new EP from Wallo Wealthy.

Introducing the voice of the artist as a contemporary rapper with a laid-back, even tired and uncertain undertone, Belly kicks off the Angels & Demons EP with a great soundscape and effective back and forth between Wallo and the impressive featured vocalist Benjibinladen.

Following this, the project proceeds to bring through equally colourful, emotive sound design, and still holds close to that effected, auto-tune-soaked vocal simplicity that’s been such a bold part of the hip hop scene in recent years. The sound is familiar, though the music marches to the beat of its own drum, throwing in these dreamlike layers and hypnotic, melodic riffs, while Wealthy seemingly freestyles through a plethora of stories in a chilled-out, late-night vibes kind of manner.

Through Night Dreams and BIG Aura, those audio delicacies continue to calm the room, seeing melody and a wash of synths and softness reign in favour of gritty vocals or instrumental weight. It’s perhaps a clever nod to the contrast of angels verses demons – this juxtaposition between quiet, colourful moments, and those that hit with a little more impact and darkness.

Later on, Bed Wetter stands out for its emotional, meandering vocal line, and this electro-pop aura that seems almost sci-fi-like as it rains down around you. Drive The Boat afterwards recaptures attention for its anger, angst and intensity – musically and vocally.

Then the angels return for a few intimate and personal tracks that lay bare Wallo’s feelings and thoughts on revealing topics and relationships. Slight, XXX. Then there’s a little uncertainty about some story-lines – inaudible vocals allow only a few striking references to provoke thought and draw potential comparisons with the way big-name rappers used to write and intrigue back during the nineties.

Still the performance, tone and production all lean heavily towards the 2020 hip hop style and sound. All the while, these tracks make certain you know the way Wallo Wealthy creates – his voice and performances become subtly recognisable, and that’s an important trait.

Club11! is a final highlight for its storyline and this guitar-led, emo-rap vibe that it presents. There are also a few cinematic details that help it stand out. And at the very end, Glass lets listeners peer in a little more closely at the artist’s own story and thought process. The mood is the same, this tired, late-night simplicity, with passion and calmness intertwined. It all remains true to the Wallo Wealthy sound, and there are plenty more releases to make your way through after this one.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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