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Walking Dolls Walking Dolls EP


Indie rock anthems rich with warm bass, intimate vocals and hypnotic lyrics – the Walking Dolls EP offers a catchy playlist of immersive, emotive and stylish originals.

Beginning with the particularly likable bass-body-work of One More Kiss, featuring fragments of horn and subtle paired vocals for melodic reinforcement, the project quickly establishes itself as rooted in the brightness of arena-rock and the strength of intentional song-writing alike. Weave in an uplifting guitar solo during the final quarter, and we’re off to a brilliant start.

Sentimental follows the opener and distortion takes things to fast-paced, harder-rock realms – the vocal keeps things honest though, personal and imagery-laden as it sets the scene and captivates with shock factor language and emotion intertwined.

Great writing, interesting and poetic as it builds up towards another anthem of a hook. Metaphorical to an extreme degree – well worth delving into as a stand-alone single exploring the depths of love.

By Without A Trace there’s an easily recognisable tone and personality to the leading voice and reflective escapism of the writing. Walking Dolls have their sound, their style, and whilst connected to the indie rock freedom and intrigue of a simpler era, maintains a clear air of originality that’s completely refreshing right about now.

Melodic highlights include Devil On My Shoulder, a little Fleetwood Mac-like as it opens but quickly developing a long-form tune and story that again feel new and true to the band. There’s a softness to the sound here, and this is taken even further by the softly ballad-kissed Monument afterwards – a revealing and increasingly uplifting instance of passionately definitive longing. A personal favourite for its lyrical and structural weight, and the rising intensity of the delivery.

I Can’t Believe It is perhaps one of the most musically memorable tracks of the EP, with a tinny verse vocal for that nostalgic indie-rock feel once again, and a near-psychedelic latter half that really embraces its audience.

Then to finish, quick riffs and a certain sense of character meet with another catchy verse tune as I’ll Still Be Gone tells one last story and holds attention well.

Even the way the melodies develop has a clear thread of Walking Dolls about it – all impressive traits to hold close to for a contemporary band. The Walking Dolls EP is a timeless one, classic in style but authentic in its realness and the issues it so fearlessly digs into.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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