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Waking Stone Still Living in War


Pop-rock duo Waking Stone follow on from their memorable single Ashes to Ashes, with an equally creative and conceptually poignant album entitled Still Living in War.

Written to explore and expose the current state of living in the USA. Still Living In War is a confronting yet catchy collection of anthems from the organic musical duo, and is being released single-by-single this year. The song Is It Too Late has already been signed up to feature on Women Of Substance Radio, and the title-track from the project effectively introduces the 10 tracks within on a bold and memorable high.

Built around a simple set-up of guitars, drums, bass and vocals, Still Living In War the single progresses from intimate acoustic folk verses to a fearlessly impassioned latter half and outro, which devotedly reinforces the desperation at the heart of the topic. The full band arrangement is humble but works well, not stealing attention but supporting and enhancing the subtle grit and poetic observations of the writing.

Ashley Cash leads the vocal front, joined by husband Jim as we build up the energy and intensity towards each chorus. That evolution and contrast is essential in letting the song work its magic, providing both an anthemic earworm that will no doubt impress at live shows, and a deeply evocative representation of the frustration and longing that inspired the song.

Emerging complete with a set of visuals blending the band lost in performance, undeniably connected to the subject matter, with simple shots of war and the world itself in all of its turmoil and beauty, Still Living In War later adds a few humble but worthy guitar solos, riffs, drum fills and vocal breakdowns, to help complete the process beautifully.

A timeless single, in tone but also sadly in topic. The completed album is one to look out for.

Find Waking Stone on Patreon, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram & their Website. Header photo by Mina Habibi.

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