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Wai Lana River Of Forgiveness


Joyfully encapsulating the weight of daily frustrations, songwriter and performer Wai Lana delivers the fearlessly colorful, catchy and unexpectedly gripping single River Of Forgiveness.

Featuring unmistakable vocals at the forefront, backed by a light and uplifting pop-rock arrangement and subtle harmonies, River Of Forgiveness reflects on a series of reasons to be angry or mad, and ultimately evolves towards the poetic framing of how such anger and obsessive scorn impacts only the one choosing to engage with them.

It’s a song of progressing from bitterness to acceptance, and at close to eight minutes in length, it provides a genuine journey that rightfully takes its time to realize.

Emerging complete with an equally fascinating series of scenes and performative cuts, River Of Forgiveness somehow manages to hold attention throughout its extensive lifespan. The completed release soon moves effectively from quirky, humorous and grumpy, to uplifting, dreamy and inspiring in its rising sense of beauty and calm.

There’s a clear degree of fun to the presentation, but a greater sense of lessons being learned resides underneath this, and creative entrepreneur Wai Lana presents that balance of traits with character and confidence.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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