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Vyblektro Looking For Love


Featuring immersive, tumbling drums, an eighties-esque rhythm but a passionately soulful vocal lead – Vyblektro fuses genres in a creatively uninhibited way for this latest single.

Driving with a clear sense of loving commitment both conceptually and to the moment as a performance, Looking For Love introduces a uniquely free manner of sound-design.

The drums are intense, powerful and unexpected, forever changing status so as to reflect the underlying mood of the song. Then alongside this we get various layers of voice and synth, moments of intensity and contrasting ones of space and delicacy. Things fall away, drop back in, the anticipation rises and settles.

The lyrics are almost second to the mood and the ache implied by the vocal delivery. It’s a striking performance, and alongside this fingerpicked progression and these simple repeats, makes for a strangely captivating experience. I look forward to hearing more.

As I’m running through this jungle I see faces…

Check out Vyblektro on Instagram & look out for a handful of new singles in the coming months.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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