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Voyce Memos Annotate


Without a doubt, there’s something about the music 2020 is offering up, even purely during this first quarter, that presents a sense of excitement for the future of creativity. Annotate is categorically up there with the best of them. Roaming freely amidst the trip-hop, electro pop genres, balancing delicate EDM details with soulful, heartfelt vocals, and an overall dreamlike purity and warmth that quickly embraces listeners – the single introduces the Texas trio in a professional and likable way.

Richard Borger, Stephen Mokulis, and Akash Gupta make up the act that is Voyce Memos – an intricate and focused group of musicians, with a shared vision for building hypnotic, engaging soundscapes that prove all at once emotive and energizing in subtly refreshing ways.

Annotate is beautiful, simple yet effective, presenting a series of compelling loops that are effectively reinforced by these intimate, artistic clips that make up the accompanying video.

While there’s a softness to the release, there’s also a certain power to it. In the way that bands like MGMT, M83 or even Portishead were able to create something truly magical in a live setting, uniting the organic with the electronic and other-worldly, there’s a strong sense that Voyce Memos will do something very similar. I look forward to hearing more.

Download or stream the single here. Find & follow Voyce Memos on Facebook & Instagram or visit their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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