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Voss Soss Heart Attack


Voss Soss keeps gangsta rap alive with dark bars and a haunting yet mellow beat for this latest release. While the track itself ticks a lot of boxes in terms of contemporary rap sounds and styles, Voss’ vocal tone is undoubtedly something that helps give the whole thing character – a little edge, something to recognise his work by. His delivery is fairly mellow, in keeping with the energy of the soundscape and the subject matter, but with that there’s a certain tired level of seriousness that helps the weight and the theme of confidence and swagger reach out a little more intensely.

Coming in at just a minute and a half, the song’s main riff rains down and leaves its mark fairly quickly, then you get Soss’ short lines – quick fragments of ideas, relating to motivation and drive, relationships, love. The lyrics are fairly minimal, but the track is all about the flow and the rhythm offered up, which is what modern hip hop tends to thrive on.

As an addition to recent playlists, the quality here is easily fit for inclusion. Voss Soss leads with self-belief yet a somewhat humble performance style that’s chilled out and easy to let play.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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