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Vonrenzo Wedding Song (Be My Bride)


Soul-pop songwriter and artist Vonrenzo takes the classic love song format down a creatively fresh pathway with his deeply moving and memorable new single Wedding Song (Be My Bride).

Featuring the artist’s ever-recognisable, softly raspy and intimate vocals, the new release emerges perfectly packaged for Valentine’s. An organic pop-rock and strings arrangement slowly but surely elevates the rising passion and loving sentiments in a beautifully euphoric manner.

Celebrating oneness and love in a fashion so authentic you can feel the devotion, Vonrenzo’s own family values reside at the heart of his writing and delivery. Even with a catalogue of originals so consistently connected to humanity and the depths of emotion, Wedding Song (Be My Bride) manages to exceed expectations further still.

Showcasing strength of songwriting once again, the verse paves the way towards a hypnotic hook of brightness and entrancing repeats, with subtle short lines and quiet, reflective contemplations.

Throughout a humble two fifty-six, the song gathers effective momentum in the way that any timeless pop hit must, and by the final quarter the listener is naturally swept away on the celebratory optimism and joyousness of ‘I’ve fallen in love’ as it loops and loops and lingers in the air.

Download or stream Wedding Song (Be My Bride) here from February 14th. Check out Vonrenzo on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp, Soundcloud or visit his Website.

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