Von Ba$$ - Animals - Stereo Stickman

Von Ba$$ Animals


Made up of many contemporary rap intricacies, yet blended with a nineties-style melodic hit of a hook, Von Ba$$ drives with a simple love for the good times and good vibes on this latest single.

Simplicity is key with a track like this, and the layers line up well. Easy going rhymes that feel familiar and relevant to the title concept pour through amidst a colourful soundscape with a heavy beat just occasionally – adding dynamic and helping maintain a groove that works well given the song’s topic. Even at barely two and a half minutes long, you walk away with that hook lingering in your mind.

To accompany the single, Von Ba$$ has teamed up with a significant other, offering a series of again simple yet relevant clips that reinforce the raw energy and optimism of the song.

There’s an indie feel to much of it, the auto-tune effect and the video recording style, but this comes with the territory – and it actually reminds you that this is an upcoming artist, working hard and enthusiastically to build up an audience. With easy hits like this, there’s no reason things won’t continue to progress.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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