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Voix Pull You Down


Bringing together 30 years worth of experience in songwriting and production, the UK’s own Andi Anderson and Mike Smith join forces to become Voix – an electro-pop act with a brilliantly uplifting and heartfelt core.

Pull You Down is the duo’s latest single, one that progresses stylishly from mellow, gentle beginnings, to a bright and energizing hook. Along the way we get pristine production, delicate synths, and a notably interesting rhythm section. The song’s leading vocalist even rides alongside the softness of the set-up with a breathy, beautifully intimate delivery.

Melody and concept aside, this is an easy sound to let play. Voix incorporate a few elements of what could otherwise be found in summer dance tracks – EDM, pop remixes – yet they balance this with a certain lightness and a fairly laid-back pace for the most part. Only during the final quarter is the song allowed the time and space to really revel in that higher energy and create a space perfect for dancing within. You get a strong festival vibe from these moments, and at this particular time in our lives – that’s precisely the kind of feeling many of us are longing for.

Throw in a little conceptual consideration, Pull You Down proves to be a gorgeously appreciative yet self-aware dedication to a significant other. It’s a refreshing contemporary take on a love song, with considerable realism in that things can be complicated, feelings can change. The details are poetic yet vague enough to be made your own, and this, combined with the bright energy of the track, is why it works so well.

Beautiful, a fine fusion of elements that simply work. A summer hit ready and waiting.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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