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Vlade Kay Dancing Through The Night


Superb production allows the opening intensity of that beat and bass pairing to introduce Vlade Kay’s new single on a defiant high – and things refuse to falter from here on in.

Featuring the nostalgic embrace of a funk classic and dancefloor filler, Dancing Through The Night stands tall on the strength of its songwriting, production and performance combined.

Vlade’s own vocal lead is pristine – passionate and unique yet also accessible enough to naturally carry the pace and energy of this long-form melody in a way that quickly gets you involved.

Shifting somewhat unexpectedly during the latter half, for a middle-8 that effectively regathers any wandering minds, the new single promises a strong groove that consistently draws interest in a high-volume hit of escapism.

It’s a catchy release, aptly-titled and everything the name seems to imply, but it’s also a timeless hit that’s been keenly and professionally captured. That balance works well, and speaks volumes on behalf of the dedication and indeed talent of Vlade Kay. Turn this one up loud.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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