VIVSWRLD - PARTY - Stereo Stickman



Catchy pop songwriting and contemporary hip hop stylings join forces for a strong groove and laid-back storyline from rapper and artist VIVSWRLD.

Short lines and familiar phrasings meet with a vocal flow that evolves and impresses increasingly throughout a respectably varied arrangement.

Moving into faster bars, clear scene-setting and an equal back and forth in the sound-design, PARTY feels initially like an easy contender, and later goes on to prove itself more notably rooted in talent and creativity. The balance works well to first appeal to a broader audience and then seal the deal with fans who look deeper than the surface implications.

Utilising that simple hook and dreamy production to create a vibe, with the heavy bass-thick rhythm for the rap-world edge, the track pays tribute to the legends of the genre yet also introduces the VIVSWRLD voice and confidence in a memorable way.

Leaving its hook running through your mind, with tropical synth melodies in the backdrop to match, PARTY does what it needs to do with style and professionalism. If anything, we could take another verse, a longer outpouring, but it’s always better to leave your audience wanting more. Hopefully there’s plenty of music in the pipeline.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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