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VirtuJamix Join The Party


Leading with a clear sense of artistic freedom and retro, meandering production vibes – VirtuJamix celebrate the audio space in fast-paced, hypnotic fashion with an aptly-titled Join The Party.

Bringing together a yesteryear dance vibe with equally nostalgic, laser-led visuals to accompany the release, Join The Party weaves in a siren-like repeat and simple vocal loop that unite to chaotically organised results.

As an act, VirtuJamix represent the fun of music and the power of collaboration. This particular release makes for a late-night, intense and rather unforgettable leap outwards into alternative dance realms. It offers simplicity in that it maintains a certain vibe throughout, but juxtaposed complexity in the sheer overwhelming energy of the outpouring. And there are multiple versions of the track, each of varying power and artistry to further this reach.

Making original use of words programmed electronically to trigger the voices throughout the recording, Join The Party has been uniquely crafted with a clear contemporary and almost sci-fi-like edge.

Produced by New York’s JaCaNy, Join The Party leaves you feeling relatively incapable of dismissing its instruction. A job well done.

Download or stream the release here. Check out VirtuJamix’ Website for more information.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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