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Violet Temples Polaris


This year’s return from Violet Temples brings a dreamlike, colourful EP of delicate composition. Beginning with the gentle synths and tones of Haunting, the project rises up to energize in subtle amounts – a fast-paced RnB vocal keeps things mellow and light yet speeds up proceedings as the track gathers emotional momentum.

The sound is beautiful, and the song has intention and depth – the lyrics captivate increasingly as the whole thing progresses, proving refreshing in this current electro-pop climate, and introducing a vocalist and songwriter with a clear sense of character.

Pisces follows and injects a more dance-ready ambiance into the room. Already Polaris has a sound and style about it, but versatility manages to roam in between the lines. Another intimate story-line emerges, suggestive of vulnerability and honesty, and the simple use of keys and added layers subtly helps create a sense of up-rise and overcoming as the second section comes into play. A little retro electronica also makes an appearance, drawing comparisons with simpler decades.

Mirage tackles more of these uncertain topics relating to the self and relationships. Here though, we get an emotionally intense ballad of sorts – a little dark, poetic and intriguing, with a superb progression from the verse to the weight and rhythm of the hook. An addictive little late-night hit that really shines light on some of the underlying sentiments that inspired the project. An easy stand-out in terms of memorable, effective pop writing.

Bringing things to a finish is a notably lighter, optimistic and aptly titled North Star. An upbeat rhythm, likable bass-work and repeating vocals that again add something easily memorable to the progression. The song rises up again with great structure, a growing level of anticipation, right before the quiet drop to an almost a Capella hook.

The closer is a great show of further versatility, and another hit of effective song-writing and production that wholly envelops listeners. There’s a sense of the world speeding past through the window, that feeling of pure escapism that only music can provide. A great way to end what is a decidedly personal yet impressive and easy to enjoy EP.

Grab the EP from February 5th. Check out Violet Temples on Twitter, Instagram & Bandcamp.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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