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Violet Temples Haunting


Smooth vibes and a notable level of intimacy and clarity combined – Violet Temples’ new single Haunting offers a blissful recording of hopeful music and uncertain lyrics united.

Far from the unsettling soundscape implied by the title, the song adopts an RnB-style vocal-line as it progresses through various flows and moments – ultimately resolving with the highly passionate outburst that is the hook. All the while, this softly electronic ambiance and mellow beat create a fairly minimalist aura, an easy-going groove that’s calming, engaging, and effectively lays bare a compelling vocal that holds attention till the end.

Leading with delicate vocals and a definite sense of personality, Violet Temples have crafted an uplifting hit with this release. Despite the chaos and melancholy of the lyrics, the song reaches out with a nineties-esque vibe and melody that are quickly addictive. Things build and build, almost resulting in a Years & Years style EDM brightness by the final quarter – though not quite hard-hitting, just passionate and immersive in a new way.

Beautifully done, impressively unique, nostalgic yet fresh, and a fine introduction to the Violet Temples sound and style.

Check out Violet Temples via Soundcloud.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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