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Vincent Krennerich Flugträume


Since the introduction of Vincent Krennerich’s work via Gedanke earlier in the year, the name now immediately strikes a chord and provokes interest – thanks to the composer’s uniquely emotive, hypnotic style of playing. This new release more than meets the high bar set by the former single, and it’s a dream to escape into right now.

Translated as Dreams Of Flying, Flugträume is every bit as immersive and delicate as the title implies. Blending purely the rising passion of well-placed piano, with a few subtle strings and a notable sense of emotional progression throughout, the single plays for less than three minutes, but feels like a world of intention and experience as it washes over.

Always a master of both the technical and melodic aspects of his work, Vincent drives with yet another seemingly simple but satisfying and engaging chord progression and melody. The mood created is that of serenity, calm, and wonder. You can visualise this as the dream it intends to be, and it accompanies the listener’s own unique dreams or memories in a powerful and blissfully peaceful way.

Stunning – a breath of fresh air this summer, and another skilful hit of artistry from one of 2020’s most thoughtful and easy to connect with composers.

Visit Vincent Krennerich’s Website for more information.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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