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Vincent Better / Switch The Vibe / Coolin’ / Say Stay Lay


Artist and rapper vincent has released a small collection of original tracks in recent months – original being the key word right now; these songs hit hard for their musical output as much as for Vincent’s unwavering personality and strength during his bars.

Beginning with the electronically energizing Better, setting a mood not unlike Kanye’s presentation of Stronger, synth riffs and a heavy beat rain down as Vincent’s offers up a rhythmically engaging vocal and a series of sections that work hard to create structure and hold your interest. In the same instance, you can hear moments of quiet expression amidst those that hit hard for their angst and confidence; in both cases, the rapper manages to impress.

Showcasing eclecticism early on – a level of versatility that’s set to blow minds – Switch The Vibe does exactly what the title promises. A smoother beat, still feeling as if it’s on the verge of bursting into an EDM drop at any moment, but colourful and intentional enough to carry its own mood consistently throughout. Within this, Vincent’s voice is immediately familiar now – a crucial calling card for artists who last, and a worthy achievement at just two songs in. This track works brilliantly, a well produced anthem that again presents a variety of vocal styles and moments designed to keep things interesting and engaging throughout.

Adding a flicker of Outkast to this short playlist is the track Coolin’. Rolling through on the strength of its own hook and that brilliantly colorful, multi-layered soundscape, the song lays out a vibe that perfectly well encapsulates this concept of coolin’ or chillin’. Spacious verses allow further character to emerge – short lines and vocal inflections that let you get a better grasp of the artist and his sound. This calmer piece lets a few new qualities of that voice stand taller. An easy hit, but all of these are – hip hop done with style, with identity and skill; audience awareness meets with talent in a professional way. The good vibes come through in full force, and Vincent introduces himself as an artist deservingly here to stay.

Say Stay Lay marks the fourth (or in fact first) recent release and pours through with a retro beat that tips its hat to the eighties and nineties. Featuring a smooth and soulful falsetto vocal, vintage synths and a thick, classic drum-line, the song presents yet another side to Vincent – reminiscent perhaps again of the Love Below days from Outkast; or more recently, the yesteryear tones adopted by Tyler, The Creator. The latter half sees things get all the more creative, and the passion seems to rise in line with this – the final moments hitting with all the more impact thanks to increased energy and mildly explicit sound design.

Absolutely a worthy collection, high quality production and talent, individuality – I look forward to hearing where else the music takes Vincent in the coming months and years.

Download the music via iTunes. Find & follow Vincent on Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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