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Vin Ryan Childhood Dream


Vin Ryan is a deeply creative artist with a gorgeous singing voice that carries his writing and melodies along beautifully. The concept of Childhood Dream is underlined throughout the recording by means of a blissfully ambient collection of sounds and riffs. Everything takes a generally minimalist approach, but the overall effect is this dramatic and emotional work of art that reinforces those underlying ideas with every moment that passes.

The structure of the track is sensational, as each moment unfolds you can hear the next one gearing up to reveal itself, though nothing about what follows can be predicted. The longer the track plays, the more your own childhood dreams come to mind. As this soundscape pours over you, those synths, that mellow and atmospheric beat, that slick and satisfying, slightly distorted leading riff – the whole thing fills the space around you with imagery and possibility.

As mentioned, Vin Ryan’s leading vocal performance is just beautiful – the further you get into the track the more those unique intricacies step forward, and the more emotional this delivery of lines appears to get. The repetition of the hook as the music builds and intensifies is powerful. For a track that opens with a simple set of piano chords and some alternative take on a glockenspiel, the whole thing pretty swiftly evolves into this mesmerising culmination of audio gems. The slightly theatrical nature of the lyrics in that opening verse helps add to the effect of the music as everything begins to build and erupt. The truth within the words is compelling, and something about the simplicity of the instrumentation lets you really soak up each riff and effect as if it were being created right there in front of you.

A sublime listening experience, well worth exploring. Download the Blue EP via iTunes. Find & follow Vin Ryan on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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