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Vileorah Unearth Us


Introducing a release with a conceptual depth that’s likely to prove individually distinctive for each and every listener who delves in – the UK’s own Vileorah offers up Unearth Us; an ambient, intriguing and deeply intentional EP of originals.

Craig Farndell is the artist behind the project, a composer and producer with a uniquely imaginative approach to mood setting and audio-escapism. The opening track itself adopts that very title to see things off in a thoroughly immersive, gentle yet mildly haunting and provocative manner.

Layers of intricately designed sounds and other-worldly fragments pour through amidst a heavy, bass-like wash of warmth. Listen with high quality headphones or speakers for the full effect.

Lighter Sorrow follows and the darkness takes over all the more-so. Heavier moments of space and stillness help further the unsettling aura presented by these waves of nearly frozen fragments of music and sound. Even with the subtle change in direction though, the details feel familiar, the Unearth Us EP in full presenting itself as something of a brief audio film or story-line.

The Dwelling takes us through the next scene, slowly but surely rocking the boat to an increasing degree. Warped sounds create a sense of depth and the peak of intensity. That use of space proves effective again, and a few more sci-like intricacies strike with genuine uncertainty and discomfort – which builds impressively here, as the track makes its way through a humble yet captivating three minutes forty.

Bringing the experience to a finish is a piece with a more notable use of the higher-end frequencies and tones. Whilx teeters along the delicate edge of detail, contrasting this with the bass-like weight from earlier, and still breathing its energy and dominance into the room with subtle yet striking authority.

Given the fascinating artwork and equally compelling nature of the music throughout this EP, there’s a sense that further visuals could well light up a whole new realm to the work. However, the music in itself presents a fine opportunity for the mind to wander somewhere unexpected and new. Well worth venturing into, if you have the time and confidence to fully disconnect from the world for a while.

Check out Vileorah on YouTube.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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  1. Thank you for such a lovely review, I know how hard hehas worked on this (proud fiancée, sorry)! I’d definitely say watch this space

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