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VIDAL Prequel


Vidal’s return this month brings the beautifully organic, guitar-led swagger of blues, alongside a hypnotic trip-hop vibe and a lyrical centre that’s quick to connect.

Ever a creative, Vidal showcases a clear intention with this piece – even before the vocal kicks in there’s a definite mood to the soundscape. Then as the vocal hits, the classic aura grows stronger, the delivery tipping its hat to the hip hop legends of yesteryear, and later resolving with a melodic breakaway.

That creative flair stands tall, reminding you on multiple occasions not to get too complacent – things will change, musically and conceptually; in life itself.

From rap to melody, guitar to sax, smooth jazz to hip hop, numerous flickers of influence are arranged stylishly throughout Prequel. It’s an ambient yet artistic and deeply human release, laying bare an intimate, genuine vocal line, and an instrumental set-up with equal realism. These qualities help tell a story of meaning, drawing you in with relevant change, progression, and the sheer passion in the vocal and the entire design of the track.

Inspired by respected styles though undoubtedly marching to the beat of his own creative drum, Vidal keeps things real throughout, and Prequel speaks volumes on behalf of that.

Out Now – Download or stream Prequel here. Find & follow Vidal on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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