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Victor Samalot Spirit Of Christmas


Victor Samalot’s Spirit Of Christmas provides a stunning alternative to the classic Mykola Leontovych composition. The track will come as a wonderful surprise to those who haven’t heard the guitarist’s music before or witnessed him performing.

The intricacy of the guitar playing is incredibly skillful and beautifully on point. The various parts are so well performed and arranged; the overall ambiance of the piece gives off the impression of there being much more to it than the utilisation of a single instrument. The sound is crisp, hypnotic, instantly nostalgic – the essence of Christmas and all of it’s traditional values – as well as being an entirely fresh take on something that might otherwise appear to have long since reached it’s peak in the world of music.

The artist’s accuracy is consistently satisfying, but much more than this, the soundscape created by the performances – which are so flawlessly intertwined on this recording – is more than enough to create the feeling of a much more vast, multi-instrumental, orchestral track. It’s clever, and really well put together. Even for those who worry that Christmas comes a little too early sometimes – this track is free from the bells and the references, it purely brings the classical sound of a well known piece of music and reinvents it in this bright and striking new way.

The music retains the vintage sound that conjures up feelings of both comfort and a slight uneasiness, much like the melody always has done. There’s a slightly haunting undertone to the composition, but it’s a brilliantly minimal part of something much more epic. Victor Samalot’s track takes all of this, all of the brilliance of the work, and presents it in some untouched and incredibly impressive manner. It sounds fantastic, the hypnotic melody lines keep you captivated, and the skill and effort with which the artist has crafted the piece never fail to amaze with each and every moment. A welcome discovery.

The track Spirit Of Christmas is part of the collection Songs Of The Season, which features a creative and refreshing host of other classics to keep you feeling inspired and energised as the big day draws nearer.

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