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Victor Samalot Dance Champa


The sensational Victor Samalot returns this month with a fresh and wonderful musical offering. Dance Champa is an atmospheric and charismatic example of instrumental music at its very best. The track offers a Latin rock backbone surrounded by Victor Samalot’s ever impressive and hypnotic guitar playing.

The guitar part in this case has something of a freestyle nature to it, an improvisation of sorts, which brings about a very genuine and quite mesmerising array of emotions as the music progresses. The tribal-like nature of the percussion, offered up by Victor Samalot himself and Bobbi Holt (also on bass), is a simple yet effective addition to the sound that enhances the ambiance immensely and makes for a fully captivating few minutes of music.

The rhythm of the track is addictive and hits hard when you listen at volume. The softness of the guitar sound provides a clever and interesting contrast to this energy, and the meandering bass-line behind both offers yet another pathway along which your mind can wander as you listen. The whole thing has been crafted with great creativity and skill. With every moment there is evolution, a new idea, a flicker of excitement with the occasional, Spanish-guitar-style strum, and all the while the very essence of the track remains this mellow and easy to listen to string of good vibes.

Dance Champa is the perfect kind of track to turn up loud and let wash away your concerns for a while. The story told is unique and unpredictable, though for the listener it’s whatever the mind may conjure up as the sounds emerge. As always, Victor Samalot has the experience and skill to play for days and days and never let you down. It’s always refreshing to listen to, and a great reminder of the sheer level of musicianship and creative drive that can be found and embraced within the independent music world.

Download the track via Bandcamp. Find and follow Victor Samalot on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Youtube. Visit his Website for more information.

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