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vhsgus Red Eye


Authentically lo-fi yet musically organic in unison, vhsgus crafts a melodically enchanting ambient journey, for Red Eye.

Setting the mood with a vintage crackle of production, mellow rhythms meet with fingerpicked guitar notes, before a more boldly-mixed electric guitar line meanders along the top – injecting a smooth jazz freedom of expression that naturally elevates the style and gets the mind wandering.

As things progress, a third guitar part falls into view, adding a sort of haunting juxtaposition and further versatility, to ultimately bring the vhsgus sound upwards and away from anything vaguely similar. The style is unpredictable yet well-rooted, musically faultless and professional – but never at the cost of passion or provocation.

The piece evolves from gentle and sultry to higher-octane and even chaotically colourful during its later moments; before this flight reaches its final destination. And all of this takes place in under three minutes, which, for an instrumental venture, feels decidedly brief. As such, fans will likely delve in more than once or twice, stumbling upon some new impressive trait or inflection or lick each time that they do.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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