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Veronica Largiu Always Running Back To You


Raising the pace distinctly since her last few solo releases, the ever-recognisable vocalist and pop powerhouse Veronica Largiu delivers an anthemic EDM single – one that fuses elements of disco and modern dance with her iconic and mighty vocal style.

Co-written and produced by Gary Louca (Deltiimo) and Bradon Grobler, Always Running Back To You is an impassioned and high-octane floor filler, with a clear sense of emotional boldness at the forefront. The voice is mixed to stand out from the first few moments, but it soon weaves itself into a rich tapestry of synths, rhythms, further vocals, bass and detailed layers of fullness, presenting a fairly timeless EDM hit – complete with a catchy long-form hook reminiscent of lasting dance favourites like Tell It To My Heart.

Featuring a self-made set of visuals from Veronica Largiu herself, Always Running Back To You is a self-contained indie gem of a hit that’s perfectly well-timed to light up the clubs and airwaves alike this summer.

Taken from Veronica’s upcoming studio album, the track highlights a whole other side to the diverse yet always heartfelt and unmistakable singer and artist.

Also releasing is the Deltiimo Big Room House Remix – an alternative take that features a more ethereal, synth-soaked ambiance of reverb and distance, to reinforce that euphoric energy and immersive escapism at the heart of the song’s design.

The beat builds up from a classic clap to a distorted and heavy realm of intoxicating movement and embrace. The intensity is high, the vocal’s naturally provocative boldness met by a memorable and unignorable House arrangement, which effectively draws focus to the strength and appeal of the song’s hook and underlying groove.

As a producer, Deltiimo is undeniably eclectic – covering a range of styles within the Pop and Dance realms but doing so with a fine pairing of devotion and professionalism in every case. A clear love for the power of music stands tall, and as such, this unique intertwining of the timeless EDM anthem and the infectious engagement of House Music rings loud.

In all cases, the underlying presence and humble ear-worm of Always Running Back To You is an easy must for the club nights and festivals that lie ahead. Turn this one up loud.

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