Verde Rose - 41 (Prod. by Goldrush Beats, Feat. Paul Williams) - Stereo Stickman

Verde Rose 41 (Prod. by Goldrush Beats, Feat. Paul Williams)


Verde Rose brings about some uplifting good vibes with this latest single 41. Everything from the opening instrumentation to the performance and lyricism leans in the direction of optimism and positivity. There are dashes of truth and sometimes turmoil within the bars, but for the most part what you take away from this track is the warm glow of the vibe and the energizing nature of the music.

41 opens up with a quickly enjoyable piano part, a chord progression and subsequent riff that creates an organic aura – that classic song resounds here and indeed in the cutaway towards the end – for once in my life… – there’s comfort in the familiarity, but what Verde Rose has done with the original idea is craft something completely new out of it.

Following that piano you get the upbeat pace of the rhythm section, then you get this fairly mellow yet characterful leading voice that sticks to the movement of the music and helps build an even stronger overall groove.

The further you get into the track, the more that hook section grabs you, the more the musicality of the whole thing seems to shine. You can listen loud to this and it really works its magic thanks to strong production from Goldrush Beats. At the same time, you could hear it playing from across the room, even quietly, and there’s more than enough to recognise and connect with.

As far as modern hip hop goes, the eclecticism and colour of this release, and indeed the general creativity showcased throughout, helps make it an exciting and non-genre-specific piece of music and performance. The longer project is well worth looking out for.

41 is from Verde Rose’ upcoming mix-tape #HerHusband. The single was released on January 15th in celebration of Alpha Kappa Alpha’s Founders Day #J15. Find & follow Verde Rose on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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