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Venus Theory Nightwalker EP Pt.1


Venus Theory’s sound is undoubtedly the result of the meeting of two creatives who each bring to the stage a string of influences and personality traits. What’s great about it is that everything involved fuses beautifully to give off something deeply atmospheric. The music is unusual in a wonderful kind of way, and still presents a songwriting essence that allows listeners of all preferences to find something very human within the ideas to relate to and connect with.

Fire is a song that seems to take the volume and impact of electronic rock and merge it with the delicacy and poetry of folk. The result is not strictly trip-hop, it’s something a little left of traditional labels, and the more you listen, the more the music and this questioning lyricism – what are we fighting for – collaborate gorgeously to maximize the effect of the concept. The question is intensified by the music, and this is something you soon come to recognise as a familiar and impressive thread throughout the EP.

Afraid To Let Go teeters more in the way of the delicacy. A beautifully meandering melody, flawlessly performed by Alecia Gates, is creatively supported and enhanced by the musically free-flowing energy of Cameron Gorham’s production. Echo follows on from this wonderfully, beginning with the distant crackle or a somewhat industrial soundscape, soon growing and evolving into an infectiously rhythmic and sultry piece of music and writing. Alecia’s voice here presents a depth and tone that adds a captivating range of notes and a distinct change in emotion as the song moves from the verse to the hook. At splat bang in the middle of the project, Echo is a definite highlight; well worth a few listens over to really get lost in the sound and the expression.

Lay Down comes through as something else entirely. The leading vocal is much more upfront here, the melody taking a touch of inspiration from pop, the overall soundscape tipping its hat to EDM. It’s a powerful moment, the build up is incredibly euphoric and leads to an immensely satisfying musical hit as the hook smashes into place. There’s a darkness and attitude to the sound – the distortion, the fast pace of the beat, the undeniable passion of the leading vocal. This song has incredible impact, and at this penultimate moment within the project it reminds you of the versatility and creative drive that is the essence of the Venus Theory sound.

Things come to a close with Heart Still Beating, a well placed moment of calm following the explosive strength of its predecessor. This song most definitely seems soaked in the mellow energy of trip-hop. The sound is sublime, the mix consistently features these blissful notes and effects that make for something completely fresh and hugely atmospheric. The smoothness of the leading vocal leaves a certain level of space between its own sound and that of the sweeping, somewhat dramatic drum line. It’s an awesome combination, and a great way to finish. The production is on par with the very best out there, and the songwriting and vocal performances throughout add that necessary touch of humanity and emotion to really bring it into a world of its own. This EP is definitely one to return to again and again.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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