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Various Artists That Summer, Vol.Two


That Summer is a fresh playlist that sets the scene and keeps the promise made by its title. Laying out the upbeat good vibes perfectly suited for the summertime, the album kicks into gear with the crisp and contemporary hip hop tones of FSG Rell i’s Locations. High energy and smart rhymes impress and engage, uplifting rhythms and increasingly captivating bars make sure to start things out on a strong foot.

Far from a one-trick pony though, this project goes on to encapsulate a whole host of moods, always with a heavy and hard-hitting beat, but contrasted and varied throughout thanks to a smooth arrangement and an array of uniquely styled artists. Emily Cole’s Dead Feelings follows on and keeps that beat thick but juxtaposes the high energy of the opener with a touch of melody and a gentler delivery.

Things continue to work well, keeping the good vibes at the forefront but also introducing listeners to some of the hottest and hardest working indie acts out there right now. The synth-led EDM side of things even emerges soon enough, Erich Mrak’s Fake It takes a mellow and thoughtful pathway, switching gears again but keeping the beat creative and offering a sunset-style warmth and a soundscape and melody that work well to draw you further into the project.

The album easily gets better and better as it goes along. Well worth a download, support the indie world and discover some fresh and professionally crafted new tracks along the way.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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