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Various Artists Millennials 1


Bongo Boy Records help kick 2019 off in the right kind of way with this mood-orientated collection of finely selected alternative dance tracks. Fairytales from Sharon Lia Band starts things up well – a soulful EDM-pop fusion track with a classic power ballad feel. The dance backdrop brings a level of energy that presents the fire and strength required to let it really put an audience to work; starting the project up with positivity and gusto. Poetic story-telling, a superb melody and retro production help make this an easy to relate to, uplifting hit that’s quickly likable.

Korvaz’ Gravity Defied, feat. JR Hilcher, sees the production get all the more creative and the mood turn down a slightly darker yet still motivational pathway. The song feels expressively artistic in its use of various beats and effects. In the same instance, the initial vocal line and that which joins in later both work hard to create an uplifting sense of possibility and wonder. Again, the songwriting keeps things intriguing and familiar all at once – the calling card of an effective pop piece.

The more classic side of nineties dance music emerges with Ready For The World, a gradual build up and another soulful, expressively meandering vocal lead the way as the song gathers momentum. A brilliantly infectious hook helps create a striking contrast with the verses to make this an easily memorable track. That underlying aura of optimism and motivation lives on.

Les Fradkin proves himself as an endlessly creative musician yet again with his dreamlike dance-instrumental Attack!. Reverb-soaked guitar-play adds a recognisable riff and some real-time, organic grit to an otherwise quietly entrancing ambiance. After this, Blessed Kiribati from STEEL & Nina Sol (feat. Ricky Kej) takes things in a partly tribal, partly dramatic alt-pop direction – a wonderfully unique and captivating fusion of distorted dub-step and vocal soul fills the room beautifully.

Frankie Silver adds a mellow and modern groove with the warmth of Someone’s Else’s Eyes. The album soon begins to shine as the best-of alternative hit collection that it is. The Millennial vibe is this thread of inspiration, heart, and positive energy. Dance With A Stranger follows and reignites a hint of eighties power-pop alongside a fresh twist of contemporary production. Unforgettable hooks continue to pour through.

Introducing a hint of unexpected eclecticism is the song Love Of Your Life from Korvez (feat. EveVox). The soundscape is made up of smooth electronic layers and scattered moments of space. A heavy, retro bass-line stands tall, and the structure of the song is anything but predictable. Still the lyrics and the soulful melodic delivery hold close to those central threads that give the album its theme and its energy.

Forevermore (Dance Version) softens the hit of ongoing EDM and offers delicate colour and a more organic sort of mood. Drive by Robert Michaels furthers this and helps maintain a gentler vibe for this section of the album. The energy increases just slightly to produce a beach-side, sunset kind of setting. There’s a sleepy softness to these moments that helps keep things interesting.

My Music (EDM) brings back the Keith Hines Production collaboration with Tammi T. Another detailed story emerges, packed with modern references and a shared appreciation for music in general – Without my music I’m a fish out of sea… Then you get a flicker of indie with Inspired Visions (Radio Dance Mix), by The Corridors – a great song with a classic, characterful feel and a rising level of intensity.

Suavecita (Spanglish Edit) ends the album in a totally creative and new way. STEEL offer hypnotic rhythms and dashes of tribal togetherness to unexpectedly lull you into an enjoyable, near-meditative state. Another moment of brilliant uniqueness, not to mention one soaked in the classic aura of original techno and EDM from back in the day. A great way to finish the album.

Millennials 1 is clearly the start of something big – a must-hear for the dance fans out there who crave something a little more alternative yet still deeply rooted in the essence of the genre. Visit the Bongo Boy Records Website for more information.

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