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Various Artists Let’s Have a Rockin’ Christmas, Vol. 6


“Unexpected Christmas gems from a variety of talented artists & bands. Eclectic by nature yet always rooted amidst the highs & lows of the season.”

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Introducing the sixth instalment of the collaborative Christmas album from Bongo Boy Records, Let’s Have a Rockin’ Christmas, Vol. 6 brings through a refreshingly unexpected collection of seasonal tracks, and helps shine new light on the stories and emotions that make up this time of year.

Beginning with the juxtaposed calm and simplicity of a vocal-led, ambient Mary, Did you Know, by Jeralyn Glass and Dr. Sue Morter, the rockin’ aspect of the album is yet to take hold – instead we get intrigue, story, historical context, and with that a strong reminder of all that came before the masses of wrapping paper and visits with Santa.

As the project goes on we’re promised energetic lifts from the likes of Christmas Cheer, and a personal favourite hit of Americana rock in the form of Christmas on Cellblock 9 – a great sound from See Your Shadow Songwriting, and another song that shifts perspectives and reminds us that things aren’t quite so joyful for many people during the festivities.

When We Were Kids at Christmas stands out for its classic pop melody and production, and the nostalgia that naturally connects as we all relive our years of Christmas past. 42nd St Singers and Alyssa Young put in faultless performances to light things up, and these recognisable qualities connect once again later on, for Let’s Go To Toyland.

Santa Don’t Like Politics is a highlight for the rock passion and the concept – The New Bardots impress, luring you in with short lines and absolute conviction.

Towards the end, Kate Magdalena enchants listeners with a stunning rendition of The Holly and the Ivy. Jackie Kringle & the Elves also kick off a stomping good vibe with the knees-up rock and roll of the title-track, and Hannyta gifts us a smile with the well-placed bounce and folk of Snowman at the penultimate moment.

All in all, a superb playlist – unexpected Christmas gems from a variety of talented artists and bands. Eclectic by nature yet always rooted amidst the highs and lows of the season. Naturally one of the most versatile, refreshingly unpredictable collaborative albums to celebrate and experience at Christmas time.

Download or stream the album Let’s Have a Rockin’ Christmas, Vol. 6 here.

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