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Various Artists Let’s Have a Rockin’ Chrismas Vol. 3


Bongo Boy Records offer the perfect soundtrack to your Christmas with this album – volume three of their series Let’s Have a Rockin’ Christmas. Bringing you all the familiar ideas and sounds but with a refreshing new take on each, the project is a total joy to let play as the season settles in.

From the fire-side warmth of Doug Ferony’s swing-soaked Jingle Bells, the album takes you through as many moments of intimate jazz as it does those of upbeat rock and roll designed to get you dancing. Sixteen tracks in total, all approached by superb musicians with their own creative and impressive styles. A lot of the songs offer something a little different – making the album a timeless go-to for the rest of December and indeed for years to come.

The Forty Nineteens present a brilliantly uplifting, energizing It’s Christmas Time Again. An infectious and bright moment that stands out for its pace and that classic rock and roll aura. Later on, Hear The Christmas Call from Barley Station adds an organic touch of Bowie-style musicianship and melody – gentle yet very real and enjoyable to have appear in the playlist. In contrast, All Around The World Christmas smooths things out beautifully – Seay adds a genuine moment of reflection, togetherness, and appreciation. The choir-led ambiance works beautifully where it is.

Secret Santa during the latter half adds further eclecticism as a lightly joyful and again upbeat song emerges. This playlist is impressive, enjoyable from start to finish. It’s so great to have music play that feels ‘Christmassy’ but that isn’t compiled of the same two-dozen songs we hear every year.

Towards the end of the collection, Clifford Curry and Ashley Townsend offer some superb blues rock and roll vibes with Christmas Ain’t No Time For The Blues. An absolute highlight, this song lights up the room and is almost certain to get you on your feet and dancing. The two vocalists back and forth in a soulful and genuinely joyful way, perfectly in keeping with the upbeat groove of the music. In the backdrop, a jazz piano-part wanders freely, as does a pair of stylish guitar solos – finishing things off perfectly.

The final song on the collection sees the one and only Les Fradkin drive with instrumental character and flair. Ode To Joy ends the playlist with a hint of familiarity, a recognizable classic but re-built in a uniquely creative manner. Les Fradkin’s uninhibited approach to performance and musical experience is second to none and comes with a delightful level of personality – giving this seasonal classic a whole new brightness. The track evolves through various stages and sections, the instrumental set-up varying to underline this progression and to keep things interesting – which it consistently succeeds in. A great way to end the album, a rather epic sound pours through that sees things to a mighty finish.

Without a doubt, take this collection home. Bongo Boy Records never fail to compile the best of the best in their playlists, and always you get that refreshing, original glow throughout.

Grab the album via the Bongo Boy Records Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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