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Vargen Toxicon


Freshly released from Vargen’s upcoming fourth album of originals, the new single Toxicon showcases a bright and poetic approach to songwriting, with an organic uplift to its groove and melody.

Underling hints of influence from the likes of Bowie in certain vocal tremors and inflections, alongside an otherwise folk-pop writing style akin to The Beatles, Toxicon utilizes classic doo-wop vocal harmonies and colourful keys riffs, to maintain a sense of bounce and beauty that’s consistent with the lyrical reflections. The song explores the sensation of strolling along the catwalk at the peak of one’s career, with the threat of falling forever within reach.

Known for his acclaimed renditions of Bob Dylan songs in both English and Swedish, Vargen’s unique take on performance and modern music is quickly gaining traction, and Toxicon effectively acts as both a further testament to that originality, and a more than worthy ear-worm designed to linger with the listener indefinitely.

Building up beautifully, the song presents both an intimate songwriter style and a more bigger-band energy intermittently, as the soundscape and delivery gather momentum. Meanwhile the lyrics intrigue and connect, the leading vocal proves versatile and committed to the cause, and the song ultimately captivates with its observations on this clever fusion of Toxic and Icon.

Download or stream Toxicon & look out for the new single Easter Soul later this month. Find Vargen on Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, YouTube & the Website.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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