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Vanelladee Brand New Tune


From melodic ambiance to contemporary production, Vanelladee captures emotion and stylish design with an immersive overall vibe, for Brand New Tune.

Trap rhythms and dreamy layers of melody and production light up the new single, alongside familiar auto-tune and a fresh sense of character and heart.

Brand New Tune progresses through a multi-layered arrangement and intimate outpouring, towards the effective resolve of a catchy hook. It’s an increasingly evocative set-up, the latter half gathering energy and momentum all the more so – the story doing the same – to ultimately reach a well-earned peak for the simple loop of the chorus.

Fast-paced lyrically yet mellow overall, the retro synths and rhythmic embrace of Brand New Tune naturally supports the passion and soulful connection at the center of the writing.

In short, Vanelladee effortlessly blends the sound of the current scene with a songwriter strength of revealing purity and a dynamic flow. The result is a naturally addictive high, the kind of escapism that will no doubt keep fans coming back for more.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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