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Valust Starlight (Feat. London)


Creatively side-stepping away from his roots in EDM, producer and artist Valust maintains a fullness of arrangement and euphoric intensity, with the bold and beautiful rock single Starlight.

Featuring a loaded soundscape of soaring guitars, bass, piano and live drums, along with dance-like synths and additional layers and effects throughout, Starlight is quick to embrace and uplift its audience.

Before long, a softer vocal feature from LONDON guides us through a distinctly poetic, contemplative lyrical journey, and effectively weaves in a whole other aspect of this dynamic and colourful release.

Blending the smoothness and delicacy of voice, piano and synth, with the ferocity and pace of hard rock or metal, Starlight showcases the work of a producer with a fine ear for both melody and audio escapism overall. The near seven-minute composition welcomes a precise and purposeful structure, branching away to a mellow overtone for the soulful guitar solo of its middle-8, before building back up again for an explosive and energising final third.

All at once we get nostalgia and outright originality, not to mention the unmistakable character in that voice, and the optimism, poetry and emotion of the lyrics. A refreshingly interesting take, standing tall on supreme musicianship and thoughtful songwriting, for an ultimately cinematic listen that leaves a gaping silence once it’s over.

Look out for the album Morgenschein to follow in the coming months. Find Valust on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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