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V.O.E Victory over Everything, Vol. 1: Trials & Tribulations


Ideally designed to provide both that emotive, ambient escapism and a guiding lyrical light of genuine depth and self-belief, V.O.E starts up this brief yet mighty project with the stunning anthem Dream – Remix, and connects for his storytelling and musicality in one deeply-moving strike.

Instantly atmospheric and compelling in both mood and detail, the opener lights up Volume 1 of the Victory Over Everything project on a near-euphoric high, and follows it up with a classic hip hop injection of rhythm and bass that is Microphone Boomin’.

We then get the EP’s title-track, Trials and Tribulations, and that emotional piano lead and breathy, whispered voice return to re-capture the ethereal and ambitious elements from earlier.

V.O.E’s honesty and determination are showcased beautifully throughout the bars and melodic stylings of this collection. While there are some heavier anthemic moments to highlight versatility and that entertainment aspect, tracks like Dream, Trials and Tribulations, and Prayer are truly stunning; memorable gems of realness and depth arriving just in time to awaken the scene.

Stylistically we get a multitude of influences, from classic jazz and soul (Fast One) to early hip hop and contemporary electronic composition. Always that V.O.E vocal sound stands tall and connects for its enchanting flow, refreshing openness, and heartfelt inspiration.

Towards the closing moments, Therapy blends all of the above to an impressive and compelling degree – creative sound-play, faster rapping yet with thoughtful, heartbreaking intricacies. Quan features and raises the bar further still for this unignorable piece that encapsulates the pain of personal turmoil and regret. A definite highlight.

Angels follows and brings things back to the ground for a mellow, reflective exploration of loss, sadness and uncertainty. The voice is lower-toned, quiet yet faultlessly rhythmic, backed by a lo-fi soundscape that naturally keeps you embraced as the verses rain down.

Beautifully crafted, intelligent and meaningful, musically immersive – easily one of the most interesting, moving and memorable hip hop projects to release this side of 2022, and one that seems to keep on giving with each revisit to these seven original songs.

Grab the album via Apple. Check out V.O.E on TikTok & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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