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Untitled Art The Change / Love Will Tear Us Apart (Part 1)


Untitled Art takes a turn down a refreshingly hard-hitting yet retro electronic pathway with the infectious energy and colour of The Change. Loaded with riffs and moments that stand out, perfectly structured so as to utilise contrast for greater impact, the track brings back memories of a simpler time – the dawn of the dance stage, the age of the underground rave; the moment electronic rock found its feet and started to stomp.

There’s an intense pace to the track that grabs you from the offset, but there’s also a clever use of space, of pause, within the journey. And among everything, the vocal melody adds an indie-rock aura – an anthemic value that will likely bring through an even wider audience for those who crave a lyric or a human voice to follow along.

Rarely does modern electronic music offer so much in the way of recognizable traits and character. The Change presents numerous musical hooks that grip the listener and likely the dancer too. Furthermore, the soundscape builds up brilliantly – the rising vibrancy, the increasing speed; all of this captivates and lights up the room as it plays out.

Drawing upon professionalism and creativity in equal parts, Untitled Art is building a sound that’s his and that lures you over from a distance and keeps you involved for the long run.

Along with the release of The Change, Untitled Art takes on an absolute classic and drives it through a distorted electronic tunnel that sees a whole new energy appear.

Love Will Tear Us Apart is a remix that’s stacked high with personality. There’s much more of a stop-start set-up to this track, the producer lets his creativity roam free in a structural manner – the experience is less fluid and less full-seeming than The Change. However, that Untitled Art vibe lives on, without a doubt – muddy riffs and vocal fragments ride alongside of retro synths and moments that craft something familiar yet unconfined by the original essence or rules.

This one is something of a grower, the second time you hear that soundscape and all of its details cascading around you is undoubtedly where the glow of the journey gets its greatness. The vocal style offers a notably robotic approach that again switches the familiar for something a little more unsettling. The hook still gives off that anthem feel, and from a production perspective you know where you are by this point – not too many, if any, producers currently create with this sort of instrumentation.

If the release had been merely another run of the mill take on this song, there wouldn’t be as much point to it. The Untitled Artist fills his role effectively in this respect – to go where no one has quite gone before, to express something very common in a totally unpredictable, uncommon way. This version has his name all over it. In fact, all of his releases to date have a certain thread of identity through them – a valuable quality to achieve these days.

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