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Untitled Art Philly To Long Branch (Part 2)


Combining extended synth waves and a distorted touch of rage, Untitled Art presents the darkness and the lightness of the audio world in equal parts, and the result is quite overwhelming.

Within each minute of music, the sound is both manic and calm, gentle and heavy, progressing through the artist’s creative story-line with an attitude of electronic rock and an underlying softness of trip-hop. What adds to the intrigue of it a great deal is the presence of lyrics. The leading voice sampled throughout has a distinct level of passion and urgency, this is in both the performance and the words chosen to express these ideas. The vocal, on many occasions, addresses a certain other directly, amidst mildly descriptive imagery and a few key lines that surround you in a fairly hypnotic manner.

At times, the music has the energy and intensity of the darker side of drum and bass from perhaps the mid 2000’s. It’s supremely well produced, capturing each moment with more than enough emotion and grit to keep you enthralled and to make you want to turn the whole thing up even louder. There’s a unique concept to it, a unique development of sounds, and the title is somewhere way left of the somewhat more common collections of words you find labeled on releases elsewhere – this is indeed a considerately crafted and hugely effective listening experience. To listen at high volume is the most fruitful way to receive it.

The way in which the artist teeters between electronic rock and EDM is quite cleverly maintained – neither end of the spectrum stands alone, there’s something to admire at each moment, and the simple fact of it is that this is exactly the kind of music many listeners would seek out to wash away the mundane drone of a long week at work.

Download the music via Bandcamp or stream it on Soundcloud. Find & follow Untitled Art on Twitter.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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