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unknøwn Mind Off You


Mind Off You offers up a stylish fusion of soulful, R&B inspired vibes and a slightly more hip-hop edge. The beat actually has a jazz-like aura to it, a certain lightness, which works beautifully alongside of the similarly themed piano part. There’s a simplicity to the music that quite simply creates a particular mood and arena of audio – within which the leading artist’s ideas and flow can confidently and effectively do their thing.

The movement of this track is superb, the flow lays on top of the rhythm in a flawless and captivating way – you find yourself as moved by the progression of the lyricism as you do the gradually developing soundscape. The stop and start nature of the mix adds to the creativity, that minimal yet crucial element of structure works wonders for the long term enjoyment of the piece. The switch to the melodic hook furthers this effect, and in between all of this you hang on the emotional truth and loving dedication of the song’s sentiment in a way that seems so authentic and deeply human.

The single has been brilliantly crafted, from the gentle and easy to relax to ambiance, to the creative variety as the beat moves along, to the precise and satisfying display of lyrical flow – everything about it presents equal parts professionalism and character. You get a sense of secure identity and personality, the sort that will bring audiences back for more releases as they seek out that familiar sound from here on in. And the professional element, the crisp and compelling power of the audio, makes for a complete and enjoyable release that is incredibly easy to vibe to. Taking just a snippet of soul, of R&B, of hip-hop, and fusing them by means of this fresh and peaceful soundscape – Mind Off You is a solid and memorable release.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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