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Unify34 Halo Legend Love Hate Remorse


Backed by a strong set of beats and a clear sense of story, rapper Unify34 Halo Legend takes full advantage of the mic, throughout his vocally distinctive album Love Hate Remorse.

From the opener Husband we get an impressive soundscape and hook-ready anthem united with freestyle-esque verses. This fusion of qualities continues, notable on Let Me See You in particular, before the reverb-drenched, creatively experimental Awe redirects things.

Always that degree of freestyling remains, and with the more mellow, reflective moments like Baby You Know, the intricacies and vocal clarity allow appreciation of the skill in these meandering bars – and indeed the gratitude and intimacy of many of the lyrics.

At 34 tracks in full there’s plenty to get your teeth into throughout Love Hate Remorse. Highlights include the heavy-hitting and fast-paced Bring The Pain, loaded with wordplay and rhythmic peaks, and the subsequent language shift and lighter groove of Cold November. Fencing is another, thoughtful and heartfelt, calming and memorable. Que Te Metistes also hits with welcomed impact thanks to the suddenly colourful dancehall rhythms and good vibes.

In every case though, whether you listen in full or revisit the extensive playlist over time, the Unify34 Halo Legend voice (and indeed his name) continues to prove recognisable. The performances are laid-back but unmistakable, the droning tones and quirkier moments alike (Classes In Session a good example of the former, with a contrastingly intense soundscape underneath).

We also get just enough versatility to keep things interesting, with the likes of Thinking About You and Trust Issues juxtaposing one-another in both musicianship and weight. Here we even see the connection enforced between artist and audience – the gap bridged significantly.

All in all, Unify34 Halo Legend devotes himself to this project, and thanks to a worthy balance of passion and professionalism, the sound represents this well.

Grab Love Hate Remorse here. Check out Unify34 Halo Legend on Instagram or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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