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Umut With You (Official Music Video)


Balancing organic, acoustic guitar and intimate vocals, with a wash of contemporary sound design and modern day effects, Turkish artist TheUmutmusic leads with heartfelt songwriting and soulful intention on this latest single.

Emerging complete with an accompanying video, showcasing an equally intimate delivery alongside some beautifully shot scenery, With You is a pop hit blending nostalgia and creativity in a likable way.

The groove of the song has a natural strength to it, the clap of the beat and this almost soft-rock inspired guitar backdrop, these help create something less commonly found in RnB. Umut’s leading voice though, is notably RnB-inspired at its core – this long-form, meandering melodic development, the switch from a lower pitch to falsetto. There are hints of everything from soul to pop-rock and even hip hop throughout the track. At the same time, none of this impairs the quality of the piece – on the contrary, these effects and this contrasting purity seem to compliment one another well.

Being that Umut is the singer, songwriter and producer of his music, there are more than a few traits combined that help give him a unique style. The now New York-based creative leads with professionalism and passion combined, and this stands tall throughout the release.

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