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Umair Ali Doldrums


Fresh from the upcoming EP City Of Lights, expected this July, Umair Ali’s Doldrums makes for a delicately breath-taking audio journey that slowly but surely envelops the listener in deeply human thoughts and feelings.

Quietly breathing lyrical fragments of ideas into the mix, Ali leads with a gradual build-up and a softly cinematic ambiance that proceeds to entrance and mesmerize – permitting you the space and time within which to really escape the noise of the world, to let the steady rhythm of the drum and the surrounding intricacies guide you towards a lighter state of being.

While there are elements of turmoil or mild destruction in some of the lines, the overall feeling the track presents is one of passion and a desire to progress. Much in the manner that classic trip-hop soundscapes from the past decade or so would create these thoughtful, neo-classical arenas of sound for audiences, Doldrums drives with a similar level of detail and calm, yet in among this are the artist’s decidedly poetic, considerate, and provocative ideas. The result is something notably original, and refreshingly peaceful.

As the music washes over you, a blissful sense of calm emerges, and with this these gently whispered lines prompt you to think a little more deeply, or to let your mind wander to new realms of thought – each journey likely to be unique for each new listener who experiences it.

Beautiful music – intentional, authentic, and skillfully crafted. The upcoming EP is absolutely one worth looking out for.

Fortune, fell into my hands
I held it, until the very end…

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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