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Ultralight let’s go somewhere


Freshly released from the album heartbreak boulevard, this project opener makes for a strong introduction to the melodic, heartfelt and increasingly passionate style of Ultralight.

Within moments the unique vocal stylings and this fusion of classic dance rhythms and soulful fragments with the sheer rap energy is unmistakable, and this quality runs throughout the album.

Standing tall on the strength of both its musicality and story, let’s go somewhere effectively emerges as an artistic representation of its own intentions. The music speeds up intensely as the energy changes and the lyrics explore more difficult depths, the performance intensifies in unison with this, and then we fall back to mellow pop layers in between.

It’s a worthy back and forth that naturally furthers the recognisable strength of Ultralight’s tuneful, poetic and revealing way with songwriting. The freedom of that drumline in particular, and its connection to the voice, is distinctly gripping.

heartbreak boulevard offers plenty of this kind of artistry, and a multitude of deeply moving stories that allow listeners to feel both impressed and at one with the creative behind them.

Download or stream let’s go somewhere here. Check out Ultralight on Twitter, Instagram & his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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